3D Animation – Collaboration Film 2014 – SCAD

Best Student Film Award 38th National Short Film Festival in Drama

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Director / Writer: Thomas Thoma
Producer: Juiting Fan
Art Director / Storyboards: Tang Li
Character Design: Zhu Mo
Character Modeler: Parrish Baker
Environment Modeler: Zhu Mo
Lighting: Zhu Mo, Tang Li, Juiting Fan
Textures: Xiaolei Ning, Tang Li
Rigger: Kori Amacker
Animation Director: Siyu Xia
Animation: Juiting Fan, Xiaolei Ning, Thomas Thoma, Kori Amacker
Rendering: Zhu Mo, Tang Li, Juiting Fan, Siyu Xia
Compositing: Xue Wen, Zhu Mo, Xiaolei Ning, Tang Li
Sound Designer: Mikhail Bogach
Music: “Prosopon Reveal” by Mikhail Bogach
Credits Theme: “Sky Spoon” by Parrish Baker
Voice Talent: Effie & Elaine Karatassos, Tommy Sarioglou
Credits: Xue Wen
Faculty Supervisor: Moon Wen Seun

Produced at the Savannah College of Art and Design

Festivals 2015:


  • NYC Independent Film Fest
  • West Chester Film Festival
  • The Soul 4 Reel Film Festival
  • WonderRoot’s Generally Local, Mostly Independent Film Series (Atlanta): *Won Best Cinematography Award*
  • Savannah Graduation Animation Showcase: *Won Chair’s Select Award*,
  • Filmstock Film Festival
  • Princeton Film Festival
  • Misfit Film Festival


  • MICGénero
  • El Festival

Brazil: Anim!Arte – International Student Animation Festival

Chile: Int’l Animation Festival Chilemonos

Argentina: Expotoons

Russia: Multivision

Ukraine: Int’l Children’s TV Fest Dytiatko

Croatia: VAFI

Bulgaria: Golden Kuker


  • 38th National Fest in Drama: *Won Best Student Film Award*
  • Athens ANIMFEST, Athens International Film Festival

Italy: ASFF

Spain: MiCe

Bangladesh: 8th Int’l Children’s Film Festival

Cambodia: Cambodia International Film Festival


A riot policeman encounters a demented old woman.

Prosopon in Ancient Greek means face. The word can also be translated as person. There is an interesting definition which connects the two: a person exists as Prosopon by being a face toward another face.

In other words, my relationships define my existence.

Imagine a riot. So many faces come together. Yet they are hidden in the anonymity of the crowd. Some even wear masks. People join the riot for different reasons. But see that crazy old woman amongst them? This lady has no idea what’s going on. She was just lonely.